Thursday, July 18, 2024


    Who’s counting down the days to summer? This season is the perfect match to wear more colorful looks and accessories, whether following a monochrome style or wearing a mix of colors and shades!

    For this season, we noticed a bang of wonderful handbags on the runways and today we are going to show you some models to add to your wishlist!

    From work to the beach, bags promise to be the highlight of the summer look, with different colors and vibrant textures! For this season, brands such as Chloe, Missoni and Loewe presented models of handcrafted bags, ideal for a trip to the beach. Meanwhile, Bluemarine, Celine and Moschino came up with flashy models in neon shades.

    Get ready to wear colorful bags made with natural materials, like crochet and beads! If you prefer, choose a model with details in leather and other “heavier” fabrics, ideal for more formal engagements or for days when you need to carry everything in your bag.

    How about contrasting your tan with a glaring neon bag? The model is up to you, but don’t forget: this summer will be electric and your bag (as well as other accessories) can vibe at the same intensity.

    The ecobag is here to stay, right? But forget about those models made in raw cotton, the idea now is to express yourself through your bag, so you can choose printed models, colorful, with phrases… or even venture into DIY and customize yours.

    The straw bag – which was previously used exclusively to take to the beach – is now a trendy item that can transform casual and everyday looks into a cooler look.

    Mini bags are trendy and stylish, but not very functional, right? This model of bag goes with different looks and acts as THE accessory highlight of the look. Although small, some versions allow you to carry basic items like keys, cell phone, and even a lipstick, lol.

    From minis to maxi bags, one thing is certain: summer is a super democratic season and there are versions of bags (and other elements of the look) for all tastes!

    A bag has the power to change any look and for this reason, there are those who love to collect this accessory, which besides being stylish is super functional! From the puffer model to the classic Jackie, a good bag never goes out of style!

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