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    Good old, classic jeans never go out of style! This fabric is always being renewed in different styles and pieces, but did you know that the history of jeans began as a worker’s uniform? That’s right, and Levis is responsible for creating the first denim style! 

    The years have passed, the trends have changed, and even today jeans are considered a cultural symbol. Investing in quality denim can ensure that they last a lifetime! Before you choose your jeans for 2022, check out some trends that are hot with this fabric! 

    Wide, High-Waist Jeans

    Photo: @luizarossi

    For comfort and sophistication, nothing better than a classic high-waisted, wide-legged jeans – perfect for everyday wear with t-shirts and crop tops, or even combined in more elaborate productions, with luxurious shirts and coats.

    Photo: @luizarossi

    Versatile, this style of jeans can be worn in different seasons, either in the cold with a second skin, or in the heat, leaving “room” for the legs to move and breathe freely. 

    Neutral Jeans

    The neutral tone jeans are the right choice for those who want to combine the piece with different styles. Trendy, not only does it go with everything, but it also needs to offer elasticity. The rule is: you just need to feel comfortable wearing them!

    Oversize Jacket

    Photo:  @jessicaflores
    Photo:  @jessicaflores

    Get ready to exchange your sweatshirts, blazers and cardigans for a good oversized jacket. Neutral or with elements such as patches and a touch of color, this piece is modern and stands out for its laid back style and longer shape, but that “adjusts” to the body. 

    Denim Skirt

    Photo: Pexels
    Photo: Pexels

    It’s the famous: you’ve got to know how to wear it, but the maxi skirts promise to come back in full force! This style of skirt was a hit in the 90’s and there’s no secret, the tip is to dare in different silhouettes and combine it with simple tank tops, casual white shirts, or even leather jackets… or jeans!

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