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    When it comes to fashion, everything is cyclical—from flared denim to chain belts to scrunchies. Styles go in and out every few years as the trend cycle ebbs and flows. This means it’s a safe bet to save those pieces you feel like you’ll never wear again, because chances are you will. Just look at some of 2020’s biggest trends: bike shorts, cardigans, tube tops—bet you never thought you’d wear those again.

    Which brings us to another major 2020 trend that has gone through different waves of popularity, and is definitely peaking right now: the hair scarf. Whether it’s wrapped around your head or tied in your ponytail, accessorizing with a silk scarf has never been cooler. The appeal is easy to see—it takes a few seconds to add, saves a bad hair day, and adds an instant pop of color or print to your look.

    Accessory of the Summer: Hair Scarves Camila Coelho
    Accessory of the Summer: Hair Scarves Camila Coelho

    The hair scarf is especially chic for beach days, adding interest to your bikini while keeping your hair safe from the wind. One scroll through Instagram can confirm this is the accessory of summer 2020. So before the next time you head out to the beach or pool, consider reaching for that silk scarf you probably already have sitting in your closet and try tying it on top of your head or wrapping it around your ponytail. It’s one simple addition that will immediately elevate your look.

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