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    In addition to ensuring more style to the look, the hat can still be a great ally to protect us during the summer! And of course, there is no shortage of options, with models such as the fedora, bucket, floppy and panama and many others.

    Check out classic options and others that you (maybe) didn’t know it was possible to match and wear in the hottest season of the year!

    The Bucket

    The bucket (or fisherman) hat is ideal for those who have a more casual style and can be worn in more fashionable looks or with a beautiful bikini. You can find this type of hat in a variety of colors and fabrics, as well as embroidered options, with prints and even textured fabrics. There is something for everyone!

    The Cowboy

    The cowboy hat has evolved and even “invaded” other styles. The model above, for example, follows a more boho style and despite being more structured, it is made of crochet fabric. A great option for those who want to highlight this accessory in their look!

    Attention: in the case of this model, don’t forget to reinforce the use of sunscreen on your face, so you don’t get the marks that this type of hat can leave on your skin…

    The Baker Boy

    The classic baker boy cap is a cool and stylish option that comes in different fabrics, colors, and patterns. Despite being the face of winter, this model of hat can also be worn in the summer, everything will depend on the material chosen.

    The Straw

    The straw hat is that classic choice that can be combined with other accessories such as a scarf, a bandana or even a brooch for a special touch. Since this type of hat has a more neutral color, you can wear it with different summer looks and still protect your head and face from the sun in a light and comfortable way.

    The Visor

    And the visor, huh? For those who want to wear the visor in addition to the moments when you practice some outdoor sport, the idea is to combine this accessory with different hairstyles – and even with the hair down, since this model does not leave the hair looking messy .

    The visor has been totally redesigned and to get away from the beachy/sporty mood, you should pay attention to the material you choose. Nowadays we have different colors, prints and even different fabrics, such as leather, plastic and neoprene for this hat model.

    So, which hat model are you most looking forward to wearing this summer?

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