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    Nothing better than completing your look with good, beautiful and well-kept shoes, right? For this, it is essential to maintain some basic day-to-day care, such as properly cleaning and storing each pair of shoes after use. Check out some tips below on how to take good care of this piece that makes all the difference in the final production!

    Each type of shoe requires different cleaning. Shoes with leather fabric should only be cleaned with a flannel, while suede and fabric options can be cleaned with a damp cloth with water and mild soap. On the other hand, shoes made of PVC and similar materials require specific products for them.

    Oh, and not to let the dreaded foot odor and other dirt (which can damage) get into your shoes, it’s important to clean them as soon as you get home. Inside, you can also use a damp cloth with water and neutral soap or even damp wipes.

    When storing them, don’t forget that the place should be well ventilated and shaded. And don’t pile one shoe on top of the other, or you may end up damaging and deforming the shape. Choose to keep them in individual organizers or separators (for each pair) or even in their own shoe boxes.

    For long boots (knee high or over the knee), you can bet on the pool “noodle” trick, magazines or even newspapers, cutting into pieces that are the height of your boot. In this way, you prevent this type of shoe from getting bent and deformed, maintaining the quality of the leather and the structure of the preserved piece.

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    Regardless of the material it is made of, never store your shoes if they are wet! Besides altering the seams, color, and even the material, shoes in these conditions can end up getting moldy and this compromises its durability.

    So, who already follows this “step by step” on how to keep the quality of shoes up to date? Also, what are your favorite type shoes?

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