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    Printed or colored, the scarf is that accessory that may seem simple at first glance, but depending on where it is inserted in the look, it makes all the difference! Do you have a scarf stored and never knew how to use it? Check out below several ways to use and rock this piece – in your hair, with your clothes, and even with other accessories.

    Classic, chic, and stylish, the scarf tied around the neck is a trend that never goes out of style! With the tip towards the front or the wrapping with the knot, the scarf in this region is versatile and elevates any look.

    f you want to draw attention to your hair, a scarf tied in a ponytail, in a bun, or even used as a “tiara” is a great styling trick and can be used on all hair types, lengths, and colors. Who can resist? 

    The scarf worn as a blouse or top is another fashion classic and allows for different tie-ups. You can fold the fabric into a triangle shape, leave one end down and tie it in the back. If you prefer, fold the fabric until it forms a straight top, tying it in the front, in the middle of the bust.

    How about wearing (and daring) your scarf as a belt, either on pants, shorts or even on a dress? This guarantees a perfect contrast to the look, making any look more stylish.

    And if you’re sick of your handbag and want to give it a makeover, just tie a scarf around its strap, or the fold of the flap and voilà: a new bag is born! 

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