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    In addition to protecting the scalp and facial skin from sun exposure, caps and hats also complement different looks, bringing a good dose of style in various occasions. Whether you are walking on the beach, enjoying a day at the pool, or even going to and from an appointment, check out the different styles, colors, and textures of caps and hats to match your productions!

    Baseball Caps

    The classic baseball caps never go out of style, and nowadays they have been revamped and are worn in a sophisticated, authentic way and in different styles, from casual to trendy looks. In the summer, you can wear the piece combined with a nice swimsuit, dresses, and to complement it, nothing better than sneakers! In the winter, combine it with comfortable sweatshirts, trench coats for restaurant visits, and even blazers for work days. Versatile, right?

    Bucket Hat

    Bucket hat or fisherman’s hat, as you prefer. The point is that this model of hat has become a favorite of fashionistas and is a success in all seasons! 

    It gives the impression that the face is slightly longer and thinner, because of the play of light and shadow that it makes in the region. You can wear it in more casual productions, with looser pieces, and even with more delicate dresses. The idea here is not to be afraid to combine this style of hat with the most different pieces in your closet.


    Practical for workout days and outdoor races, the visor is that piece that was a trend in the 90’s and that today requires creativity to combine it with looks that go beyond sports. So, the idea is to wear it with the hair down, with a little volume… take a chances! For your clothes, choose everyday items such as jeans, shorts, t-shirts, and why not a white shirt?  

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