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    Love it or hate it, monochrome never goes out of style! In fact, “mono” can be represented by something unique, while “chrome” means color. Thus, versatile and cool at the same time, this style consists in wearing a complete look following the same color palette, fabric, or pattern.

    Minimalist or more daring, monochrome is perfect for those who want a more practical and simple look, without having to think too much when it comes to dressing. Now, in addition to rocking the chosen color or print, if you want to go further, break away from the obvious and mix different fabric textures in the production, ranging from leather to knitting.

    From work to more informal occasions, starting with monochrome production from the pants can be a good way to go! That’s because, a good and comfortable pair of pants go well with different moments and even allow countless combinations with other pieces, such as an elegant blazer, shirts in different fabrics, denim jackets, cropped tops and classic t-shirts.

    If you are a fan of a good skirt, the piece transits very well between the most romantic styles, trendy or even with a touch of sensuality. To further enhance the leg area, it is also worth thinking about the choice of shoes, such as strappy sandals, clogs, or why not a good, heavy boot?

    Are you out of time to think about every production detail and need the most practical look of all? Wear a dress and don’t forget a good coat! This combination is a no-brainer and is super democratic. From classic all black to pink, you decide: a more casual dress with a more elegant coat or a powerful dress and a simple coat?

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