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    For the past few seasons, mini bags and baguette bags have dominated the fashion world—with some of the most popular styles being so small they won’t even fit your phone. But that’s all about to change for spring 2020. Supersize bags are making waves and are poised to be one of the biggest accessory trends of the year. From extra large shoulder bags to colossal puffy clutches, enormous handbags are here to replace last year’s mini bag trend. Luckily for everyone, the supersize bag trend will fit your phone and probably anything else you’d like to take with you.

    Styling a supersize bag is surprisingly easy, though you do take the risk of your bag stealing the limelight from the rest of your outfit. Fitted tops and bodysuits make a cool contrast to the large structure of these bags, as well as skinny jeans or body-hugging dresses. Oversize clothing also makes a cool statement paired with a large bag, like a long trench coat, oversize blazer, or fuzzy fur coat. Long dresses and those with statement sleeves also make for a great night-out look to wear with your oversize bag if you feel like replacing your favorite clutch for an evening out.

    How to Wear the Supersize Bag Trend Camila Coelho

    Luxury fashion houses have been leading the charge on this trend for a few months now, with designers like Bottega Veneta, Maison Margiela, and Chanel debuting the most famous supersize bags to date. Contemporary brands have jumped on the trend as well, with brands like StaudProenza Schouler, and Cult Gaia debuting cool shapes and interesting textured styles for spring. Fast-fashion stores like H&M and Zara also have some unique large styles available for those who want to test out the trend without committing too much money to it. Wherever you decide to shop this trend, the good news is large bags are both popular and actually practical.

    How to Wear the Supersize Bag Trend Camila Coelho

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