Thursday, July 18, 2024


    I crossed the ocean and landed in Stockholm, the capital of Sweden, a place marked by tranquility and the mix of nature (which looks more like a painting) with the modern buildings in the background. And the summer in the northern hemisphere is a show apart, so the clear nights permeate for hours and with that, the day never seems to end.

    But what was I doing in this charming city? Honoring the special show of Max Mara, an Italian brand that values elegance allied to the “handmade” in each collection.

    And for this moment, I chose a powerful new bridal dress from the brand, the “Cady fit & flare dress”. This long dress has small kimono sleeves and a super fitted bodice, perfectly highlighting the delicacy of the waist and bust.

    The piece is completely closed off in the front, bringing prominence and lengthening to the shoulders, making the look even more elegant.

    The unique and special style of this dress features a luxurious bejeweled necklace, made with sequins and crystals. Versatile, this breathtaking detail can be removed from the garment if you prefer.

    And if the front is completely closed, the back has a powerful oval opening, totally highlighting this area of the body. I found this, the sexy touch of the look, haha.

    To top it all off, there is nothing better than a long slightly flared skirt at the hem. The construction of this piece makes it unique, classic and timeless at the same time. Rich in details, this iconic dress also features a zip fastening and small buttons at the neck area.

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