Thursday, July 18, 2024


    Still in the Paris Fashion Week mood, I had to share with you the details of the look I chose for Chanel! And for this, I chose classic pieces of the brand, but nothing too obvious for a fashion show.

    That’s because the pieces are simple and equally comfortable, but are usually worn on a daily basis, without leaving the style aside. Starting with the denim wide leg, a waisted model with evasé or straight design, which was born in the 70’s and has made a comeback in recent years, both in low-waisted and high-waisted versions. This Chanel version features details in polka dots and the brand’s logo printed on it. To complement, I wore a very thin pearl belt as well.

    In addition, I also chose to wear a set of cardigan and top, both in cashmere in a delicate shade of light blue with modern details in white. And as you know, I love a good match between pieces and details, I chose two modern Chanel bags in the same tones and with gold chains.

    There are so many details in this versatile, timeless and monochrome combination that I can’t even decide what I love the most.

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