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    Neutral tones may even seem more basic, but they have the power to make any look more elegant and sophisticated, even more so when they vary between lighter tones, from white to beige and even the most earthy and gray tones.

    At one point of the look or following the monochrome and minimalist style, these tones are versatile and go well on different occasions, from the most formal to the informal, day or night. If you are afraid that the outfit will look dull, the tip is to choose a fabric and a model that highlights the tone and automatically enhances the body. Check out some looks in light neutral tones below for inspiration.

    A Touch of Color

    If you are starting to wear neutral looks now or you can’t do without a touch of color, how about choosing a colorful detail that enhances the outfit? You can bet on a neutral set with a colored lingerie or even shoes in another tone. This way, the look is not polluted and the tones are harmonic.

    Elegant Fabrics

    You can’t go wrong: neutral tones are even richer when used in elegant fabrics that guarantee a modern fit that “adjusts” to the body. So, if you want to wear neutral tones in more sophisticated pieces, invest in tailoring pieces in fabrics such as linen, cool wool, velvet or even silk dresses, which make any look more sensual and out together at the same time!

    Different Shades

    Far beyond the monochrome, you can make a mix of neutral tones, using palettes with classic off white and earthy tones in the same look, for example. This makes the look balanced, modern and equally interesting and unique! You can’t go wrong.

    All White Classic

    The all white look never goes out of style, regardless of the trend of the moment! This option is super safe and versatile, matching different occasions – besides being very stylish, of course. You can mix fabric textures or even bet on the classic set.

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